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LAUNCH: Discover New Music A great site for you to watch music videos online. A lot of popular artist with latest music videos. http://www.launch.com
MTV The best place to get your daily dosage of celebrity news and chart actions. They have great stuff in there. Do check it out! http://www.mtv.com
2000 MP3 A great website to search for mp3s and there's a wide variety too. From recent chart-toppers to 80s songs. Also have J-Pop singers and bands. http://www.2000mp3.com
AVFind.com A great website where you can download mp3s and search for lyrics. You can even check if the link is working right on the spot. http://www.avfind.com
Noisematrix.com Also a good place to search for the mp3s that you want. A lot of chart-toppers in this site. http://www.noisematrix.com




American Greetings A variety of online greetings with lots of themed collections and serves all purposes. http://americangreetings.com
Beatgreets Send online greetings with a different touch. Features online greetings with the music scene. http://www.beatgreets.com
123 Greetings This website also features a whole load of reasons to send greetings to your friends & loved ones. http://www.123greetings.com
Blue Mountain Arts' Electronic Greeting Cards Another website where you can find the right greeting for just about any kinds of holidays. http://www2.bluemountain.com/index.html
E-Greetings A neat website where you can find the best e-greetings. Very nice! http://www.egreetings.com
Messagemates A unique way to say hi to your friends online. http://stuart.messagemates.com/index.html




Snowy's Japanese Drama Page A very cute page where there's everything on Love Generation & God, Please Give Me More Time. http://members.home.net/snowytang/
Doramatalk! They've synopsis, reviews, links and songs section in here. http://www.geocities.com/doramatalk/
J!-Ent Japanese Dorama Database A J-Drama database in English. You can find lots of links in here to other sites. http://www.nt2099.com/DORAMA/
J-Drama Paradise Beautifully decorated website where you can read up more on Beautiful Life & also look at their music sections & also wallpapers. http://www.angelfire.com/tv/jdramaparadise/main.html
Directory of Japanese Drama Synopsis Links you to various websites that have detailed episode synopsis of popular J-Dramas. http://www.backerstreet.com/japan/synopsis.htm
Dorama Nani A good wesite for you to read more about some J-Drama, vote & also find out about the current J-Dramas playing on Spore TV. http://www.nani.f2s.com
CJ Morikai's Japanese Dorama Page A good place to start reading J-Drama synopsis as it translates episodes of 15 of the most popular dramas. http://www.geocities.com/morikai/index.html

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