>>>Pictures of my favourite stuff <<<


On this 2 pages, I have included pictures of my fave people, or

characters. These pictures are not scanned or produced by me. I merely

collected in from other websites. I will soon have pictures of various

other people once I have the time. Meanwhile, do enjoy.



I just love his voice, and of course his looks. Perhaps it's his smile. Anyway, he's

just a great celebrity to idolise. He's not my idol anymore. But I still think these

photos look great.


I used to really idolise them, and their music. I even own their first 3 albums. But I

guess I'm past that stage now, I don't listen to their songs as frequent now. And

the photos below are their not-so-recent photos. The second one is a magazine

photo shoot.


I just feel that I should at least place some pictures of the Greek character that I

have chosen as my nickname. I adopted the nickname Medusa30 eversince I went

online a few years ago. I'm not too sure why I have chosen it but it sounded unique

to me at first. Anyway, these are two of the best Medusa pictures that I have taken

from other websites.


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