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I love their songs as they've different sounds from other boybands. It's more upbeat

and no soapy ballads. And they've cute and adorable members too. But I don't dig

them as much now.


I think he is cute. Frankly I didn't pay attention to him when they released their

first single "Push". Only started listening and noticing him when he sang the song

"Smooth" with Santana. The song is really great.


He is so cute although he is 29 years old already [I read somewhere!]. For those who

doesn't already know, he's a J-Drama actor and a member of SMAP. That's J-Pop

boyband, for the uninitiated. He's also a model for Levi's. His acting's fabulous

and I've watched a couple of his drama e.g. Long Vacation, Love Generation

& Beautiful Life. I love SMAP's songs too, e.g. LionHeart & Yozora No Mukou.


I just like the way he smile and his very cute jap look. So adorable and he's an actor

and a member of Johnny's Jr, a J-Pop boyband. I havent listen to their song, though.

But I've watched his dramas, News No Onna & The Sun Shines Forever.


I just love his songs, minus the vulgarities though. He just happen to be one of

the most talented people ever. And he speaks his mind, a great thing these days.

Anyway here are some pictures taken from his promo for the "Marshall Mather LP"

album. I have the album and litens to it daily. Great stuff!





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